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SAP Systems

  • Seamless integration with your SAP systems for frictionless, bi-directional data flow to and from Azure-based AIP

  • Combine your SAP with other enterprise systems’ data to conduct advanced analytics with AIP & get actionable business insights

Data from SaaS Applications

  • Securely integrate your data from SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and others with AIP

Innovate & Invigorate

Your Business

Line of Business

Data Stores

  • Securely ingest data from your line of business applications & associated databases wherever they are running to Azure-based AIP

  • Create a single source of truth for your enterprise with AIP Data Lake

IoT &

Streaming Data

  • Securely ingest real time, streaming data from millions of devices with AIP that scales per incoming data volume

  • Perform real-time prescriptive, predictive and preemptive analytics with AIP

Data & Process


  • Execute complex real-world, business-critical scenarios and use cases with AIP

  • Get operational efficiencies, reduce costs and get in-depth business insights to accelerate your top line

  • 24x7 monitoring of your data and associated business processes to ensure maximum security, availability and scalability

Your business needs are understandably quite diverse leading you to use multiple solutions and applications that get data from multiple sources, in various formats and in turn store it in disparate data stores.

Most likely you use SAP as your ERP system, then you might be using SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365 & others. Thereon you have multiple line of business applications that might be using SQL, Oracle, MongoDB or some other database.

Managing all this high volume, high velocity and high variety data can overwhelm anyone and leads them to underutilize their data and thus not be able to gain key insights that can help in reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and accelerating your business processes to increase the revenues.


Dynapt’s Analytics and Insights offering enables you to build a  unified platform that is designed to address your specific business needs to process ever-growing, heterogeneous structured and unstructured data by implementing modern data processing techniques and modular architecture enabling you to ingest, store, transform, forecast and visualize all your data in one single Azure based platform.

Machine learning

Human Machine

High-level Overview

Data Ingestion layer enables you to get data from various sources in real-time & as a batch allowing high velocity, volume, variety, veracity and value data to be ingested at scale.


Data Persistence layer enables you to store the data in various forms for processing in the most efficient way with smooth handling of relational information as well as real-life data types such as audio/video, documents, streams & images.


Data Processing & Transformation layer enables you to process the data with the new cloud computing paradigm of Extract, Load & Transform (ELT) vs. the traditional Extract, Transform (ETL).

It enables you to execute previously hard to do business scenarios and use cases that you need to constantly reduce cost with operational excellence while increasing revenues by leveraging the key insights that the various use cases & scenarios provide.   


Data Access, Analysis, and Visualization layers enable you to access the data stored in the Persistence layer using a variety of BI tools, third-party products, and advanced data science tools & solutions.

Few high-value business scenarios that Analytics & Insights helps you execute quickly...

Clickstream Data Analytics

Demographic information, preferences, browsing history and purchasing habits of users across your internet assets help create a comprehensive picture of existing and future customers.


Build a 360-degree view of your customers by capturing & analyzing their behavior in real-time that enables you to improve user’s engagement & experience with your products and offerings.

Sales Script Analysis

With speech to text transformation and application of advanced machine learning techniques can help optimize your sales script by analyzing customer interaction, various sentiments and outcome of a pitch.

Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Customer’s product & service purchase history, their usage patterns, satisfaction, or lack thereof, coupled with other actions such as renewal or discontinuation of subscription & services provide invaluable data that can help you accurately predict their behaviors & actions.


AI and Machine Learning algorithms integrated into CRM, sales management, and sales planning applications can help you gain more customers.

Risk Assessment

Insurance & Underwriting companies can use geo-spatial data from sources like ESRI and NOAA to analyze and estimate risks for their customers considering respective locations and climate conditions. Risk can be minimized and NPAs can be avoided by using Machine Learning algorithms to conduct predictive analysis.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is essential for building customer loyalty. Reaching customers & getting them to engage is harder than ever.


Marketers using intelligent systems and analyzing massive amounts of data can deliver highly relevant and personalized offers for each user, cutting through the clutter and driving engagement.

Marketing Budget Optimization

Machine Learning models can be trained on the data generated by various marketing for each product in the portfolio. These trained models can be used to predict the effectiveness of future campaigns, thus helping design high performing, high marketing campaigns.

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