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You Say - Show me the money & we let our work do the talking...

Dynapt solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced Azure professionals. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients but also help them develop successfully. Read our success stories below.

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Enterprise company benefits from ‘Zero Code, 100% Automated’ SAP Analytics on Azure

Leveraging AI-powered Azure Automation as a Service - a Zero Code, 100% Automated SaaS solution, the customer achieved:
- Automated data ingestion from SAP ECC, both full and delta load
- There was no code, no pipelines etc. involved
- Customer used automated data governance to apply organizational policies 
- Leveraged pre trained ML models to conduct Account Receivables analysis
- All this in was achieved within a week!


Midmarket company benefits from ‘Zero Code, 100% Automated’ infrastructure Assessment, Migration and Windows Virtual Desktop deployment on Azure

Leveraging AI-powered Azure Automation as a Service - a Zero Code, 100% Automated SaaS solution, the customer achieved:

- Automated on-prem assessment of software & hardware assets.

- Automated migration of infra and apps to Azure.

- Automated Windows Virtual Desktop for all employees.

- 40% cost savings with lesser spend on internal IT.


SAP Surround With Microsoft Azure for a Fortune 2000, US-based Medical Device Manufacturing company

Leveraging Dynapt's deep expertise across Azure platform Data & AI services, we built:
- Enterprise Data Lake and Data Warehouses on Azure
- Power BI based Reports and Dashboards
- Azure Chatbots / Conversational AI for SAP
- Machine Learning for Business Analytics (e.g. Supply Chain Analytics)
- Enterprise Integrations through Azure (e.g. SFDC to SAP ERP)

SAP Surround.png
Image by Rob Lambert

Modernizing Manufacturing Genealogy Traversing for a US-based Fortune 1000 discrete manufacturing customer with Microsoft Azure

Down to sub 5-seconds vs. 10-15 minutes traversal times and thereon created ML & AI-based data workflows to predict and prevent defects in real time. leading to cost reductions and tremendous productivity gain and quicker time to market after due testing of products.

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SAP Migration from on-prem datacenter to Microsoft Azure for a Fortune 2000, US-based FMCG company

Leveraging our migration accelerators and automated deployment frameworks, we fast tracked the migration of large scale SAP development, QA/staging and production environments from collocated datacenter to Azure resulting in 40-50% cost reductions while providing great amount of flexibility to scale!

Blockchain Image.jpeg

Blockchain setup for a Fortune 1000, US-based Financial Services company on Microsoft Azure

Helped the customer test out four Blockchain implementations (Corda, Quorum/Enterprise Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric Single Ledger Network, and Azure Blockchain Workbench) to thereon choose the one that best met their functional requirements showcasing Dynapt's expertise on both Blockchain technologies and setting it up on Azure.

Image by You X Ventures

Supply Chain Modernization for a US-based Fortune 500 retailer with Microsoft Azure

Story of success with 15x performance gain & new data insights unlocked with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence on Azure by enabling ad-hoc querying of all data types, on-demand ML-based real-time & offline analytics of data, along with cross querying and powerful & flexible dashboarding capabilities for creating reports on the fly, as needed.

Computer Robot

Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning for a large US-based automotive supplier with Microsoft Azure

Real-time streaming IoT data analytics and dashboarding that leveraged past historic plant equipment maintenance data & applied Machine Learning that led to a 40% decrease in operational cost while increasing productivity, revenue, and bottom line.

On the Computer

Call center logs analytics to improve customer care & retention for a US-based Fortune 2000 pharmaceutical company  with Microsoft Azure

Leveraging Deep Learning & Cognitive services to interpret customer calls with company service reps in real time to analyze & provide feedback for reps to direct the conversation in the right direction for both the customer & the company.


Online Fraud Analytics in Financial Services domain for a US-based banking custome  with Microsoft Azure

A Story of Success that ensures customers of a bank are safeguarded against online fraud - security first, foremost while on Azure.


Hybrid analytics to improve customer care & retention for a US-based Fortune 20 with Microsoft Azure

Get a unified view of your public and private cloud heterogeneous environments in one place - a single pane of glass with unified tenant and tenant view!

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