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Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation Services - - California


Data Ingestion

Automated pipelines established between data sources that can be on-prem or SaaS applications to destinations in Azure across various storage and database services that it offers to enable seamless data transfer

Infrastructure Deployment

Automated provisioning of Azure resources across IaaS and PaaS from few resources at a time to complex architecture blueprints in one go

Operational Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards that are generated automatically whenever you want to monitor all aspects of your application’s health with details gathered in real-time

Cost Optimization

Active analysis of resource utilization across all your Azure deployments to provide you with an automated recommendation to right-size the resources to lower your on-going cost

Monitoring & Alerting

Automated monitoring of all your deployed Azure resources such as compute, storage, network, databases etc. that generate real-time alerts in case of any potential issues

Business Continuity

Automated configuration of back up of your various Azure assets and thereon automated restore in case of disaster provides you with peace of mind

Cloud automation is becoming critically important that enterprises like yours are using to reduce the manual efforts associated with provisioning and managing cloud computing workloads. Your IT teams can apply cloud automation to private, public and hybrid cloud environments.


An Azure focused automation solution will enable your IT teams and developers to create, modify, and tear down resources on Azure automatically. One of the major promises of cloud computing was that services could be used on-demand, if and when needed.


But in reality, someone needs to spin up those resources, test them, identify when they are no longer needed, and take them down, and this can represent a huge manual effort.

A3S delivers Azure focused automation across multiple functional buckets is a proud and exclusive implementation partner of’s solution named Ai-powered Azure Automation as-s-Service or A3S for short in North America.

  • Infrastructure Deployment

  • Resource Monitoring

  • Data Ingestion Pipelines

  • Complex Architecture Blueprints

  • Monitoring & Alerting

  • Dynamic Operational Dashboards

  • Smart Orchestration & Scheduling

  • DevOps

  • Azure Policy

  • Identity & Access Management

  • Role Bases Access Control

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

  • Auditing & Logging

  • Microsoft Teams Chatbot


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Azure Automation has many benefits, including the following

  • Improved Security and Resilience: when sensitive tasks are automated, you do not need multiple IT people or developers logging into mission-critical systems. The risk of human error, malicious insiders, and account compromise is vastly reduced. In addition, you can build security best practices into automated workflows, and enforce security principles in 100% of your deployments.

  • Improved Business Continuity: enterprises need to back up their system frequently, to guard against accidental erasure, configuration calamity, equipment failure or cyber-attack. Automating backups on Azure, or backing up on-premise systems automatically to Azure, dramatically improves an enterprise’s resilience to disaster.

  • Improved Governance—when systems are set up manually or on an ad-hoc basis, administrators may have low visibility over what is actually running and may not have a centralized way to control the infrastructure. Azure automation lets you set up resources in a standardized, controlled manner, which also means you have much more control over infrastructure running across your enterprise.

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