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SAP Migration to Azure from on-prem Datacenter or HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Today’s leading digital businesses run on SAP software. They’re also turning to Microsoft Azure for cloud-driven scalability, agility, and speed. With Dynapt’s services for migrating SAP applications to Microsoft Azure, you can combine the best of both worlds.

Dynapt has helped enterprises move beyond the constraints of legacy IT and digitally transform, supported by more our team of certified Microsoft Azure architects and of SAP-certified experts.

We take a methodical approach to assessing your software, minimizing disruption, reducing costs, and improving speed to enable digital transformation. Whether you’re still formulating your cloud strategy, have actively initiated your move, or are already running in Azure, we work with you to optimize your SAP software for Microsoft Azure.

Dynapt helps you align your application-migration priorities with your overall business objectives. By leveraging automated processes and applying them to meet your unique needs, you can migrate your SAP applications with confidence.

Dynapt’s SAP Migration Services:

-> Self-Service SAP Migration Assessment

·-> Cloud Migration Services

-> HANA and S/4 HANA Migration Automation

-> Professional Consulting Services

We guide you to address the most business-critical aspects of SAP migration:

- Speed to value: Take advantage of our proven methodologies for rapid delivery of automated services, on-demand capacity and flexibility, and dramatically reduced procurement lead times.

- Cost reduction: Benefit from consumption-based pricing, reduced or avoided capital expenditures, and shared allocation of management and operations.

- Reliability and security: Protect your assets with multitenant and dedicated options, a secure and compliant solution, and a highly available, resilient, and redundant infrastructure.

-Business agility: Up your business game with zero hardware-lifecycle management, SLAs that match the solution, and quick responsiveness to changing market realities.

Organizations running SAP typically have all of their unique history of IT technology choices, implementation cycles, layers of add-ons and application interfaces. It is very likely that your SAP production landscapes are as unique as your corporate business model and you have likely tuned them your way to best leverage your SAP investments to gain a competitive edge in your market.

When transitioning to HANA, S/4 HANA you will need to take into account all the unique aspects of your existing SAP landscapes and develop a transformation roadmap that best supports your requirements.


Dynapt offers a very unique SAP Migration Assessment Report of your existing SAP environment – Dynapt will provide a detailed assessment report with a comprehensive list of current performance, usage metrics, and recommended SAP Migration plan.

We have Azure Automation Solution that we use for migration automation and are able to accelerate SAP HANA or SAP S/4 HANA migrations to Azure with a typical reduction in SAP migration cost and time by 45%-60% versus a traditional approach, primarily due to the migration methodology and automation built into our Azure Automation Solution.

Dynapt is your SAP migration partner. That’s why we provide a NO COST SAP migration Readiness, Optimization, and Security Assessment along with a migration plan and roadmap.

Contact us today if you are planning to migrate SAP from HANA Enterprise Cloud or on-premise datacenter to Microsoft Azure.

Learn more at: and book your free consulting sessions today:



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