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Enterprise Application & Data Integration with Microsoft Azure

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) & Enterprise Data Integration (EDI) have been ongoing requirements of the large & medium organizations across various verticals, wherein multiplicity of applications and thereon data sources is commonplace. The traditional approach has been to build / stitch together an in-house solution that overtime becomes too complex to manage & scale or to buy an expensive, rigid licensing driven solutions like Informatica, Del Boomi or MuleSoft to name a few. These 3rd party offerings are not only proprietary (black box for customers) and expensive but are also super complex to implement and thereon to scale as customer’s requirements evolve with adoption of new applications and data formats + sources.

Good news: EAI & EDI requirements now have a brand new, cost-effective and highly flexible solution with Azure iPaaS – Integration Platform as a Service. Azure iPaaS brings an organization's unique needs together with a cloud-native toolset that’s scalable and has the ability to meet ever increasing application inter-dependencies and data volumes/formats from all kinds of sources. It supports real-time integration with the goal of minimum disruption, low latency and providing a uniform experience across EAI & EDI for both in-house and partner developers.

Azure iPaaS can modernize an organization's overall app & data landscape by creating an integration layer, de-coupling point to point connections to a set of reusable APIs. Azure iPaaS creates a seamless integration of app-2-app communications and data interchanges across multiple on-prem, 3rd party hosted and SaaS applications.

Ø Do you have point to point custom integrations for your line of business applications?

Ø Do you want to have and EAI, Data Analytics and DevOps on a homogenous platform?

Ø Does your existing platform provide the ability to have application and infrastructure level monitoring as part of the integration platform?

If you answered Yes to anyone of these questions, then:

Learn more here:

Need more information then write to us: or simply schedule a hands-on demo today.

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