Introducing REST APIs based LIVE data ingestion from SAP systems to Microsoft Azure!!

Today’s businesses run SAP software to manage their finance, logistics, supply chain, human resources and various other business functions. They’re also rapidly adopting Microsoft Azure for cloud-driven scalability, agility and speed. enables SAP Integration and Analytics with Microsoft Azure to combine the best of both these worlds. We enable digital transformation by creating an Enterprise Data Lake leveraging Azure’s flagship Synapse Analytics service to deliver automated data ingestion, data warehousing, Spark processing & data visualization capabilities.

However, anyone who has lived for any length of time in SAP ecosystem realizes its closed nature and thus the various limitations it imposes if you want to take the data out of SAP systems to any other platform, Azure being one of those, to combine it with multiple other data sources for Machine Learning driven analytics or to be able to use the data in real time in your apps & processes or for ad hoc BI / analytics with tools like Power BI etc. – it’s not an easy process even for batch data load and LIVE DATA INGESTION IS NOT POSSIBLE!

UNTIL NOW – 2021 does bring in a bit of good news… we now have an amazing solution that takes “No-code, No-pipeline, On-demand & REST API based Live” data ingestion from SAP HANA, BW & ECC to various Azure services such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Storage, Azure Machine Leaning Services, Azure App Service and many others. Plus, directly to Power BI for real time operational reporting & analysis with bonus thrown is as same being available for Microsoft Excel.

Now, can it get any better than that? Hopefully, you find this exciting as we do!

Here is the functional architecture – red lines represent LIVE data ingestion with REST APIs:

If you are still wondering & asking yourself: What’s the fuss all about? Then, take a look at these sample usecases we enable with this on-demand, Live data ingestion to Azure platform:

  • SAP data to Azure – ADLS, Synapse etc. for use with Azure Data Services

  • SAP data in Azure-based Enterprise Data Lake for use with other data sources

  • SAP data On-demand and Live directly in Power BI for operational reporting, ad hoc analysis and viewing existing SAP reports

  • SAP data On-demand and Live directly for use in Excel

  • SAP data On-demand and Live directly for use in Azure Machine Learning Service, Databricks or Synapse Workspace

  • SAP data On-demand and Live directly for use in building business applications and processes using Web App, Logic App, Azure Functions etc.

  • Write back to SAP from Azure Data Services such as Azure ML Service & Synapse

If you are looking to put your SAP systems and data to deliver greater business value, then contact us today as we are on standby with our team of certified Azure architects and SAP consultants.

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