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Is Artificial Intelligence same as Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the terms of computer science. This post discusses some points on the basis of which we can differentiate between these two terms.

Artificial Intelligence:

The word Artificial Intelligence comprises of two words “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial refers to something which is made by human or non-natural thing and Intelligence means ability to understand or think.

There is a misconception that Artificial Intelligence is a system, but it is not a system. AI is implemented in the system. There can be so many definition of AI, one definition can be “It is the study of how to train the computers so that computers can do things which at present human can do better.” Therefore, it is an intelligence where we want to add all the capabilities to machine that human contain.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the learning in which machine can learn by its own without being explicitly programmed. It is an application of AI that provide system the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience.

Here we can generate a program by integrating input and output of that program. One of the simple definitions of the Machine Learning is “Machine Learning is said to learn from experience E w.r.t some class of task T and a performance measure P if learner’s performance at the task in the class as measured by P improves with experiences.”

The key difference between AI and ML are:



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