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SAP Integration and Surround with Azure!

SAP ERP has a super-wide footprint in large & medium organizations in form of various transactional systems across business functions. Although SAP leads this space, their Cloud and Data & AI capabilities lack Modern innovation and mainstream acceptance. SAP ERP customers are looking for other platforms for these capabilities.

Enterprise Analytics Landscape - SAP v/s Azure

SAP Integration and Surround with Azure

Leverage Azure’s multi-pronged Innovation for SAP ERP Install base:

- Enterprise Data Lake and Data Warehouses on AzurePower

- BI based Reports and Dashboards

- Modern Apps, Chatbots / Conversational AI

- Enterprise Search on SAP Systems

- Machine Learning for Business Analytics (e.g. Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Analytics etc.)

- Enterprise Integrations (e.g. SFDC to SAP ERP)

- Infrastructure (SAP workloads on Azure)

SAP with Azure: Enterprise-wide Data Accessible for Advanced Analytics Self-serve BI

SAP on Azure Benefits

Call to Action for Azure Partners & Customer!

- Engage to discuss and advise on areas where the SAP customers could modernize using Azure

- Review customers’ current landscape and advise on a Roadmap for Modernization with Azure

- Plan & scope out PoCs/Pilots as appropriate

- End Goal is to move towards as an ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ on Azure



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